About Us

Do you like to be intertwined with green for relaxation? 

I am aware that nature, plants, and greenery are very important for our lives and psychology. 

In my younger years, my perspective on nature and plants was very different. After many years, I realized that what is inside of us is reflected outside, and my interest in this direction increased. 

It is a fact that happiness is identified with nature and we are a part of mother nature. 

After 2 years of intense interest in plants and greenhouses, I decided to open this blog. I believe we should do what we are happy with. 

Touching the soil, trying to root a new seed like a baby, and the pure scent of a new plant make me indescribably happy. 

My purpose in this blog is to inspire my readers on topics such as garden and greenhouse plants, plant seasons, garden decoration, and maintenance in the process. 

Welcome to my blog.